Christians Practicing Recovery

About Us

Christians Practicing Recovery (CPR) is a 12 Step program to help those who are affected by addictions / dependencies. Our program gets most of its materials from Al-Anon. Al-Anon is for families or those affected by alcohol and drugs. The 12 Steps work for all addictions / dependencies, and even though the material talks about alcohol, you can substitute food, sex, codependency, etc. The program will help you to connect with God and find hope.
Our program is Christian based. However, we welcome everyone.  The 12 Step material talks of a loving Higher Power - we believe this higher power to be Jesus Christ, who is God.
Our membership includes those of us who have addictions / dependencies (like AA's) and those who have been affected by addictions (like Al-Anon's).  At first glance this would seem to be two opposing groups. In reality, we are all here for personal recovery, and we all come together when we apply the 12 steps to ourselves. We all learn from each other as we share our recovery.
CPR is a group and a ministry. We not only meet together, but we also pray and support each other.  There is a spirit of honesty and trust at our meetings that works with our faith.

This website contains a collection of articles aimed at helping you with your recovery.  These articles cover a wide variety of subjects, and are available free of cost.  This site also has information you may use if you want to start your own Christian recovery group and don't know where to begin.
Welcome to Christians Practicing Recovery.

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